Multiplayer Chinese Checkers

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Chinese checkers game option of 2-6 computers.

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Played 4,075 times since 10.16.05
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3.95 Stars, 21 Votes

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Can this be played with someone else online or is it just against the computer?
#8 by Juice1234 on 10.06.11
This is no fun, because the computer doesn't see that your already in another space, they just put their piece in your spot..... u____u oh brother....
#7 by Tamini on 10.03.09
uh no!
#6 by BoNeS510 on 07.06.09
lol i cant win at 6 player but anything else im a champion. im unbeatable in my home.
#5 by Saru-bushi on 05.07.09
#4 by WILDHOGG on 03.24.09
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