Love Hina: Sim Date RPG

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Dating RPG featuring the Love Hina girls.

WARNING: Contains adult situations. Recommended by Shresh.

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Sponsored by Anthony and Robert Hurrell
Played 869 times since 01.12.09
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4.69 Stars, 68 Votes

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eeeeh like w/e x3
#45 by EatSomeTacos-x on 04.30.10
any one who loves this game has no life.... so that would be 3 people with no life
#44 by Alan0777 on 02.12.10
You have to be 18 to play it?? I cant play it then!!
#43 by Rosely on 01.31.10
its awesome but tiring
#42 by GoldenAngel on 07.03.09
awesomest game ever
#41 by GoldenAngel on 06.18.09
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