Heart Breaker

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Casanova is at it again! And this time he's out there breaking hearts instead with cupid's bow and arrow.

Use MOUSE to set the angle. LEFT CLICK to power up. Release it to shoot. Burst the hearts. Bonus Points for hitting angels.

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Submitted by Games2win
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Played 5,246 times since 11.23.07
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3.88 Stars, 8 Votes

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not bad kinda easy
#5 by Sunkill456 on 11.21.10
awkward that u said that you got a girl sounds like u a sensitive guy i like .
#4 by Dee394 on 02.11.09
#3 by Dolphin8 on 02.11.09
not bad..2/5
#2 by I_like_pie on 12.29.08
For some reason this fits the mood im feeling right now
#1 by Dragonforce on 01.12.08
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